Advanced biomaterials with "bone like" qualities for 3D Printing

Advanced biomaterials with "bone like" qualities for 3D Printing

Advanced biomaterials with "bone like" qualities for 3D PrintingAdvanced biomaterials with "bone like" qualities for 3D Printing

FibreTuff compounds for anatomical bone models to replace cadaver work

3D Printed anatomical bone model made with FibreTuff

FibreTuff biomaterials can be 3D Printed in either Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) or Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). 

FibreTuff for micro molded parts with radiopacity

FibreTuff Medical Grade compounds can be injection molded

Biological testing of FibreTuff has passed USP Class VI. Superior results with FibreTuff for new and innovative ENT medical devices.

FibreTuff has CNC machining qualities

FibreTuff Medical Grade compounds can be CNC machined

Drop in replacement for CNC machining PEEK, PEKK and has performance qualities these resins do not have for medical applications.  

Medical Grade Filament for 3D Printing FibreTuff

Advanced 3D Printed anatomical bone models to replace cadaver work - femurs, calcaneus, talus, metatarsal, skull cap, mandible, sacrum.

3D printed calcaneus bone made with FibreTuff medical grade filament

FibreTuff compounds produce 3D Printing filament / powders to replace highly engineered medical compounds that are considerable more expensive and lack the necessary performance qualities. FibreTuff has bone like qualities such as look and feel with radiopacity, excellent screw retention, sawing and cutting, 

3D Printed FibreTuff compounds have bone like qualities and radiopacity

FibreTuff medical grade filament has radiopacity like bone.

3D Printed femur bone has radiopacity with look and feel of actual bone. Bone like features with biocompatibility can be achieved by 3D Printing FibreTuff versus other natural fiber thermoplastic compositions have failed due to toxicity, high shear sensitivity and burning when process temperature is greater >220C. 

FibreTuff for proof of concept Spine and Trauma applications

FibreTuff medical grade compounds can be machined

FibreTuff  has passed USP Class VI testing performed by NAMSA for temporary implants. These FibreTuff compounds are made with cellulose to produce filaments for 3D Printing in development of lower cost devices and eventually implants. Benefits in using FibreTuff  utilize standard sterilization methods - Autoclave and Gamma. 

3D Printing Project Information and services

3D Printing services for anatomical bone like models made with FibreTuff


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FibreTuff medical grade filaments can be purchased in North Amercica and European markets 

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Delray Systems located in Rochester, MI has extensive experience with modifying STL files and printing FibreTuff. They also sell Ultimaker and BigRep printers.

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The FibreTuff®  technology includes USPTO trademark, patent pending applications and patented compositions . The 3D Printing technology can provide some unique qualities and attributes for industries - medical, aerospace, automotive, building and construction, cosmetics. For more information

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