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We produce FibreTuff PAPC compounds that are biocompatible, absorbable and non degradable for Class I and II medical devices.

FibreTuff PAPC Compounds for the Medical Industry

FibreTuff PAPC compounds produce 3D printed bone replacement, meshes, hearing aides, foot orthotics..

PAPC ingredients are compounded into pellets to make 3D Printing filament / powders to replace highly engineered compounds. FibreTuff PAPC has passed USP Class VI testing for 3D Printing medical devices and implants. Benefits in using FibreTuff PAPC compounds include no offensive odors at recommended processing temperatures, lowering material purchasing costs, reducing the cost in processing with minimal drying time, utilize standard sterilization methods - Autoclave and Gamma. 

FibreTuff PAPC being machined for proof of concept in prosthetic applications

The FibreTuff® PAPC formulations for medical applications have passed the following NAMSA testing, cytotoxicity and skin irritation studies for Class I and USP Class VI testing for Class II temporary implants. These approvals will be used in various medical markets to include prosthetic and orthopedic applications.

FibreTuff PAPC compounds for CNC machining, Injection and Extrusion

The medical industry is especially fond of  PAPC compounds because different processes can used like 3D Printing, Injection molding and Extrusion. These PAPC compounds have been micro molded successfully where other natural fiber thermoplastic compositions have failed due to high shear sensitivity and process temperature >210C. Secondary processes like machining, metal plating and compression molding have been qualified with PAPC. 

FibreTuff Technology

The FibreTuff®  technology includes USPTO trademark, patent pending applications and patented compositions that include Polyamide, Polyolefin and Cellulose (PAPC) . The technology can provide some unique qualities and attributes for other industries - aerospace, automotive, building and construction, cosmetics. For more information www.woodcompositesandmolding.com

Bulletin Board at FibreTuff

Important FibreTuff News

FibreTuff Develops Filaments for 3D Printing by Plastics News January 5, 2018 http://www.plasticsnews.com/article/20180105/NEWS/180109943/fibretuff-develops-filaments-for-3d-printing

Ted Walkowski New COO

FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers, LLC has a new Chief Operating Officer Ted Walkowski. Ted has over 20 years of plastic compounding experience with responsibilities of plant operational and management experience. Welcome Ted !!!

Wanted: Service Providers

FibreTuff is looking for dedicated service providers to 3D Print our PAPC compounds. Contact Robert at email listed below 

Always hiring good people

If you have a medical background with advanced materials experience and education send us a resume. We will have job postings in the future. 

New: PAPC in Bar Stock for customers

Ask Robert about Bar Stock  FibreTuff PAPC compounds. Customized Bar Stock can be produced and certified for your machining application. 

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