3D Printed Foot, Ankle bone for Cadaver REPLACEMENT

3D Printed calcanei with FibreTuff fells and looks like cadaver bone

3D Printed Calcaneus Bone made with FibreTuff

Calcaneus Bones 3D Printed in FDM and SLS process have a rough surface texture, strength to weight ratio that highly resembles cadaver bone.

3D Printed metatarsal made with FibreTuff having cadaver like features.


These Metatarsal bones were 3D Printed with FibreTuff have radiopacity with bone like qualities unlike other materials produced in a FDM or SLS process.

3D Printing FibreTuff can produce cortical and trabecular bone.

3D Printed cortical and cancellous bone

3D Printed FibreTuff can be a superior cost equation for functional anatomical models to replace cadaver work.