3D Printer Filament FibreTuff PAPC II

FibreTuff PAPC II biomaterials for anatomical models


These anatomical models 3D Printed with FibreTuff PAPC II show superior bone like qualities compared to the competition.

FibreTuff PAPC II to replace cellulose membranes


These filters have improved structural integrity with absorbent qualities for drug delivery

FibreTuff PAPC II applications and USE


FibreTuff PAPC II biomaterials for medical devices

The 3D Printed medical devices with FibreTuff PAPC show significant improvement in both chemical and thermal properties . The FibreTuff PAPC can be 3D Printed into 70um to 100um porous filters with  a wide processing window and no visible degradation of cellulose fibers when printed at recommended temperatures. 

FibreTuff PAPC II testing for medical use

FibreTuff PAPC II has passed Cytotoxicity and Skin irritation tests  and USP Class VI testing for temporary implants performed by NAMSA a regulatory approved testing 

company for medical devices and implants. PAPC II has certification papers available.


FibreTuff PAPC Material Display High level of Radiopacity in Recent Tests

Processing FibreTuff PAPC II on a FDM Printer

FibreTuff PAPC II filament requires a heated bed for 3D Printing on a FDM Printer. You can purchase FibreTuff PAPC II in two sizes, a 1.75 of 3.0mm. For the FibreTuff PAPC II to adhere to the heated bed on the 3D Printer, a glue or adhesive sheet is required. The glue stick recommended is Cube Glue. GeckoTek is a supplier of adhesive sheet for heated beds to 3D Print the PAPC II. The type of heated bed recommended for PAPC is EZ -  Stik Hot Build Plate. The nozzle size recommended for FibreTuff PAPC II are .5  with a processing temperature from 220 to 225C. If you use a .4 nozzle, higher heats may be necessary at 230C. The heated bed temperature recommended is 95C.  A 3D Printer oven is preferred at temperatures of 80C for maximum efficiency. FibreTuff PAPC II filaments will have an inherent moisture due to the hydrophilic nature of the composition. It is recommended that the FibreTuff PAPC be kept in a sealed bag after use. 

For more information on GeckoTek adhesive sheet:


New Pricing for FibreTuff PAPC II filament

As of December 31st, 2018 FibreTuff PAPC II filaments are $299.00 for a .75 kg spool in either 1.75 or 3.0 mm sizes. For purchasing FibreTuff PAPC II please contact robert@fibretuff.us