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FibreTuff PAPC passes USP Class VI testing performed by NAMSA


FibreTuff News: On April 23, 2018 FibreTuff President and Founder Robert Joyce received notification from NAMSA that testing of FibreTuff PAPC passed USP Class VI for temporary implants. The FibreTuff PAPC filament that complied with testing can be 3D Printed. 

FibreTuff and Keene Village Plastics execute a Distribution and Production Agreement



FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers, LLC


Toledo, OH: Today, FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers, LLC a biomaterials compounder has entered into an exclusive agreement with Keene Village Plastics to supply FibreTuff PAPC ( Polyamide, Polyolefin and Cellulose ) licensed compounds for 3D Printing in the medical market. In the agreement, Keene Village Plastics responsibilities will include manufacturing and distributing FibreTuff PAPC in 1.75 and 3.0mm size filaments and distribute various PAPC Bar and Sheet Stock.

FibreTuff participates at Mercy Health Event March 13th 2018


CIFT is pleased to welcome you to the collaboration announcement between FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers, LLC, Whiteside Orthotic and Prosthetic Group, Inc., JuggerBot3D, LLC,Valtronic, Mercy Health and Ohio Development Services Agency to advance the design and

production of medical devices using innovative, FDA-compliant ingredients and additive manufacturing (also known as 3-D printing) technologies on Tuesday, March 13, 2018. 

This announcement at Mercy Health will also feature a demonstration of 3-D printing as well as a showcase of 3-D printed materials.

The statewide project will be executed in three phases by:

1. Qualifying three different biomaterial formulas for the 3-D printing process.

2. Designing and 3-D printing medical devices using three biomaterials, and,

3. Developing conceptual prototypes for "smart" devices using 3-D printed designs

New Company Structure at FibreTuff 3/14/2018


FibreTuff LLC Team Members - 60+ years of compounding / biomaterials experience

Robert Joyce, President the founder of the company, the inventor of the company’s technology and has over 30 years in bio compounding business and development, production and manufacturing.

Ted Walkowski, Chief Operating Officer, has over 20-years of compounding and production management experience, and was the co-founder of Trinity Specialty Compounding. 

FibreTuff to present at NSF/CDMI Conference event March 22, 2018


Robert Joyce President and Founder will discuss FibreTuff advanced material technology to produce a cervical spacer made with FibreTuff PAPC having 6000 psi compression strength. 

PAPC USPTO trademark


PAPC is now a registered USPTO trademark. S/N  87565236 assigned to FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers

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FibreTuff Develops Filaments for 3D Printing by Plastics News January 5, 2018 http://www.plasticsnews.com/article/20180105/NEWS/180109943/fibretuff-develops-filaments-for-3d-printing

Ted Walkowski New COO

FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers, LLC has a new Chief Operating Officer and partner Ted Walkowski. Ted has over 20 years of plastic compounding experience with responsibilities of plant operational and management experience. Welcome Ted !!!

Wanted: Service Providers

FibreTuff is looking for dedicated service providers to 3D Print our PAPC compounds. Contact Robert at email listed below 

Always hiring good people

If you have a medical background with advanced materials experience and education send us a resume. We will have job postings in the future. 

New: Brian Jones joins FibreTuff as Regulatory and Quality Director

Brian Jones joins FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers as a partner to be Director of Regulatory and Quality for the company. Brian has over 15 years experience in compounding thermoplastic.

FibreTuff opens compounding facility in West Unity OH


FibreTuff has opened a compounding facility to produce PAPC biomaterial compounds for the medical industry.

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FibreTuff PAPC Material displays High Level of Radiopacity


3D Printing news includes the printing of medical implants with FibreTuff PAPC filaments which have radiopacity shown in X rays and CT Scans versus other polymers that require much heavier barium sulfate... 

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FibreTuff is scheduled for CDMI visit to San Francisco California September 13, 2018


Robert Joyce of FibreTuff attended the event held in San Francisco to discuss FibreTuff for development and use in Spinal applications to reduce costs in replacement of PEEK.

FibreTuff PAPC compounds has exclusive license with Innovative Plastics and Molding


In March 25, 2015 FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers has signed an exclusive license for the know how and licensing of FibreTuff technology for compounds that comprise cellulose with thermoplastic polymers.

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