FibreTuff PAPC Biomaterials

Company Mission

FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers is a licensee of patented and patent pending biomaterial compounds with an intent for helping make anatomical bone models and medical devices conducive to greater body acceptability, less complications, and faster patient recovery producing improved quality of life outcomes.

FibreTuff has Focus and Commitment

We are a "Team" of dedicated polymer professionals with medical advisors using FibreTuff PAPC biomaterials for innovative solutions for 3D Printing.   

FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers is a licensee of FibreTuff technology for 3D Printing, molding and extrusion. This innovation platform has a commitment to provide continuous improvement to address the needs of it's clients. 

The company will grow FibreTuff PAPC biomaterials in medical applications that need radiopacity, require improved screw retention with sawing and laser cutting ability, that have bone like qualities.