3D Printer parts made with FibreTuff PAPC

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) or Laser Sintering (SLS) FibreTuff PAPC for anatomical bone models


FibreTuff PAPC® is an advanced biomaterial compound for 3D Printing.  The FibreTuff PAPC has anisotropic behavior which has greater strength in one direction. The FibreTuff PAPC has a surface texture, as well as appearance similar to bone.

FibreTuff PAPC is less expensive to 3D Print versus other highly engineered resins.


FibreTuff PAPC is less expensive thermoplastic composition made with cellulose versus the other highly engineered resins for 3D Printer filament . Savings can be in excess of 30 to 40% with improved performance. 

FibreTuff PAPC filament is 3D Printer agnostic for user friendly research and development


FibreTuff PAPC I can be processed by many 3D Printers Manufacturers having an open platform. These 3D Printer manufactures can process FibreTuff PAPC using standard process conditions. Contact us for a list of 3D Printer manufacturers

3D Printing FibreTuff PAPC filaments require breakaway or adhesive


All FibreTuff PAPC biomaterials for FDM require a heated bed.  The heated bed temperatures recommended for the FibreTuff PAPC can range from 80 C to 110 C. To adhere the FibreTuff PAPC to the heated bed - PVA water soluble breakaway, a glue stick or adhesive sheet is required. 

Magigoo is a preferred adhesive https://magigoo.com

3D Printing Service Center for FibreTuff PAPC Compounds


If you need a 3D Printed Parts made with FibreTuff PAPC, established Service and Design Center are located throughout the US.

Pamton - Cleveland, Ohio

 website   https://www.pamton3d.com

nScrypt  - Orlando, Florida

website  www.nscrypt.com

3D Lifeprints - London

website www.3dlifeprints.com

3D Printed skull caps produced with FibreTuff PAPC


FibreTuff PAPC biomaterials can produce skull caps for functional models by medical centers and physicians. FibreTuff PAPC II was processed to make these skull caps.

An advanced 3D Printer filament "FibreTuff PAPC"

FibreTuff PAPC compounds for medical electronics


FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers is producing PAPC compounds for capacitive touch applications.See nScrypt Utilizes FibreTuff's PEEK Alternative PAPC 3D Printing Filaments 

GeckoTek build plate works well with PAPC


FibreTuff PAPC requires a heated build plate. Utilizing EZ-STIK GeckoTek build plate with 225C nozzle temperature and heated bed at 95C with PAPC II is preferred.  https://www.geckotek.co/collections/build-plates/products/ez-stik-hot-build-plate

Cube Glue to increase bed adhesion with FibreTuff PAPC


Cube Glue from 3D Systems is a good choice for increasing bed adhesion with FibreTuff PAPC.

3D Printlife is co branding FibreTuff PAPC


FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers is co branding with 3D Printlife to sell and produce FibreTuff PAPC filament. You can connect with Buzz at www.3dprintlife.com in Portsmouth NH.

2019 RAPID conference Ultimaker 3D Printing FibreTuff PAPC I

Ultimaker 3D Printed FibreTuff PAPC I and the RAPID conference in Detroit May 2019. The part printed utilized a nozzle temp of 245c with 100 c heated bed temperature. The FibreTuff PAPC I will be offered in the Ultimaker Materials Alliance in the Summer 2019

3D Printed Skull Cap made with FibreTuff PAPC filament

nScrypt 3D Printed this Skull cap made with FibreTuff PAPC filament for medical modeling and functional approach to training medical students.

3D Printing FibreTuff® PAPC with 3D Platform Printer

FibreTuff PAPC in a 1.75 mm size filament 

3D Printing FibreTuff® PAPC filament with MakerBot

MakerBot Printer using a FibreTuff® 1.75 mm filament.

3D Printer Parts made with FibreTuff PAPC


FibreTuff PAPC 3D Printer filament Data Sheets / Processing Information