3D Printed parts made with FibreTuff PAPC filaments

3D Print filament made with FibreTuff PAPC

FibreTuff PAPC is 30% less expensive to 3D Print versus PEEK and Titanium.

  • FibreTuff PAPC is a less expensive thermoplastic composition made with cellulose versus the other highly engineered resins for 3D Printer filament .
  • PAPC can be 3D Printed at much lower temperatures than PEEK. Consequently, a lower cost for purchasing a 3D Printer. 
  • FibreTuff PAPC is Radiopaque, not requiring the tantalum beads like PEEK for locating implant in body.i.e. spinal spacer.
  • The FibreTuff PAPC can be machined with the same feeds and speeds as PEEK. 
  • You can conformal print circuits onto the PAPC using nScrypt technology.
  • FibreTuff PAPC is coating friendly, requiring less / no surface preparation.

FibreTuff PAPC filaments are 3D printer agnostic

We have 3D printed FibreTuff PAPC with the following FDM printer maufacturers


3D Platform 





Raise 3D


FibreTuff PAPC filaments available for purchase at West Unity, OH.

FibreTuff PAPC filaments can be ordered via credit card. Contact Ted@fibretuff.us for more information

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D Printing FibreTuff PAPC for medical devices and bone replacement

FibreTuff PAPC® is an advanced material technology for 3D printing Class I, II and eventually implantable to include Class III for the Medical Industry. The Universities, medical centers and physicians can see an improved training experience by 3D Printing FibreTuff PAPC as a bone replacement.

Lower specific gravity can translate into less material used for device. These PAPC compounds have a low specific gravity and water absorption < .24% based on the ASTM D570-10 test. 

The melt flow rate is approx. 20 grams per 10 min. per ASTM D1238-13. 

FibreTuff PAPC is anisotropic which can be 3D printed in one direction with greater strength.

3D Printing Service Center for FibreTuff PAPC Compounds

If you need a 3D Printed Parts made with FibreTuff PAPC, established Service and Design Center are located throughout the US.

Pamton - Cleveland, Ohio

 website   https://www.pamton3d.com

IC3D - Columbus, Ohio

website     https://service.ic3dprinters.com/

Spectra3D - Ashville, North Carolina

website   www.spectra3D.com

nScrypt  - Orlando, Florida

website  www.nscrypt.com

An advanced 3D Printer filament "FibreTuff PAPC"

FibreTuff PAPC compounds for medical electronics

FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers is producing PAPC compounds for capacitive touch applications.See nScrypt Utilizes FibreTuff's PEEK Alternative PAPC 3D Printing Filaments https://3dprint.com/210967/nscrypt-fibretuff-papc/

Keene Village Plastics to Distribute and Produce FibreTuff PAPC filaments

FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers exclusive Partner in Distribution and 3D Printer Filament production include Keene Village Plastics. Keene Village Plastics will have FibreTuff PAPC inventory, PAPC data sheets, pricing at www.villageplastics.com 

3D Printing FibreTuff PAPC with no offensive odors

FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers formulates to compound PAPC, so that, 3D Printing in a FDM process at recommended temperatures has no offensive odors. 

Cervical Spacer machined with FibreTuff PAPC

FibreTuff PAPC is being machined into small parts that have challenges in 3D printing at competitive costs. Contact robert@fibretuff.us for more information.

FibreTuff PAPC is Radiopaque

FibreTuff PAPC is a radiopaque composition that has absorbable qualities unlike PEEK for easier removal of temporary implants. PAPC doesn't heat up in an MRI like metals which is significant for external fixation device. 

Pamton 3D Commercial Printing Service Center for FibreTuff PAPC

FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers works with an established 3D Service and Design Center - Pamton located in Youngstown, OH. 

3D Printing FibreTuff® PAPC with 3D Platform Printer

FibreTuff PAPC in a 1.75 mm size filament 

3D Printing FibreTuff® PAPC filament with MakerBot

MakerBot Printer using a FibreTuff® 1.75 mm filament.

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